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Beach Windscreen

Beach Windscreen

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This Beach Windscreen includes a 10-year fabric warranty! To find out more, feel free to contact us

What is a "Beach Windscreen?"

A windscreen is a portable, fence-like structure used to block blowing winds and sand. Windscreens are also sometimes referred to as:

  • Beach Wind Blocker
  • Wind Break
  • Beach Privacy Fence

What are the benefits of going to the beach with a windscreen?

The main purpose of the windscreen is, but is not limited to, wind protection. If you've ever been to the beach, then you know that the wind can ruin your day. Nobody likes to go to the beach, just to be met with weather conditions that make it impossible to enjoy yourself. Cease the irritating gusts from wrecking your trip to the beach!

Another purpose of the windscreen is to provide its users with privacy. Going to the beach with a windscreen means peace of mind, and it also means that you won't have to worry about people seeing what you're doing. Get the privacy you deserve, even on the beach.

Fish like you've never fished before, with no interruption from the wind. Our windscreens that measure twenty feet long are our recommendation for fisherman trying to continue enjoying the beach throughout the winter. Take the wind out of the equation, and enjoy pure isolation from everything going on around you.

More details about our windscreens.

Our beach windscreens are top quality, fabricated right here in New Jersey. We have numerous color choices, and we offer multiple sizes, including:

  • 40" H x 10' L
  • 40" H x 15' L
  • 40" H x 20' L
  • 46" H x 10' L
  • 46" H x 15' L
  • 46" H x 20' L
  • We also offer custom sizes!

Please note that not all colors are available in all sizes.

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